Want to become a stall holder?

We would love to have you apply to be a stall holder at Wandiligong Nut Festival.  The Wandiligong Nut Festival is expected to have an average crowd of 2,000 people (weather depending).  Last year the Wandiligong Nut Festival had around 3,000 visitors. This year it will again be a ticketed event priced at $10 for people aged 16 years and over.

Stall holder sites are divided into 3 categories:

  • local producers,

  • local art & craft stalls,

  • local food & drink stalls.

In order to make it worthwhile for all we only have around 20 spots available in each category, and make sure that stalls are differentiated.  We have a separate application process for Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries. Please see here.


We receive many more applications than we can accept, stalls will be selected by the committee. Please carefully study the following selection guidelines and make sure you fit them all before applying.


What do we look for?

  • Stalls with great products that fit in with/compliment the theme of the festival and overall mix of stalls.

  • Great stall aesthetics.

  • The festival is about promoting our area, we will prioritise local stall holders. Stall from outside this region will be placed on a waiting list and notified if we have space.

  • That you have 100% recyclable and minimal packaging, No glass and No bottled water for sale – no exceptions.

  • That you are friendly, organised, flexible and have attached all of the required paperwork.


Paperwork MUST contain..

  • Evidence of Public Liability insurance, with a minimum of $10 million cover.

  • 1 to 2 Photos of your stall set up and products.

  • All Food Handling, Workcover and Alpine Shire  requirements must be met. To check your obligations please visit: https://streatrader.health.vic.gov.au/


  • The fee for 1 stall site (3x3m) is $70.

  • Power is limited and will be an extra $50.

  • If your opening trade is over 3 m long,  you will need to book 2 sites.

  • Each stall holder will have to provide their own 3x3m pop-up tent, marquee or van.


To book your stall site, please complete the application form below and send an email to wandinutfestival@yahoo.com with:

  • Insurance Certificate of Currency,

  • Certificate of Registration of Food Premises (via streatrader.com.au), Liquor Licence. 

  • 1 or 2 photos showing your stall set up and products.

  • Applications close Friday 25th March.

When we have received your application form and documentation, we will notify you if you have been accepted by April 1st and send you an invoice for your stall and details of how to register you and others working on your stall with Try Booking.

Your booking will be validated when payment and registration have been received.

Payment should be received by the 10th April 2022.

Stall Holder Application Form 2022

What size stall do you require?
Do you need power on your site ? Power is $50 extra.

The Wandiligong Nut Festival is an event dedicated to nut growers in our beautiful valleys.

To protect this unique industry in our region, only nut growers with a turnover of $ 20,000 or more will be allowed to sell raw nuts during the festival.

All other nuts products will be encouraged during the festival.

Do you intent to sell raw nuts ?

Wandiligong Nut Festival Terms & Conditions

1. The market stall operator will be responsible for any damage to Alpine Park

2. The market stall operator will keep the space clean and tidy.

3. Displays such as A-frames or flags will be not allowed outside your allocated space

4. No lottery, raffle, guessing game or games of chance will be conducted

5. The sale of raw nuts will be allowed only to growers having a $20,000 or more turn over. 

6. The Wandiligong Nut Festival is not responsible for any loss or damage to any product exhibited

7. Bump in is from 6am. All market stalls must be set up and vehicles removed by 8:00am Saturday 23rd April 2021.

8. There is absolutely no vehicle access or movement during hours of trade.

9. Market stalls must not start to pack up until 5pm and must be removed by 6.30pm, Saturday 23rd April 2022

10. All exhibitors must remove all rubbish from their allotted area upon leaving

11. I understand that this application is binding once accepted on behalf of the Wandiligong Nut Festival. 

12. Upon receipt and acceptance by Wandiligong Nut festival, this booking cannot be cancelled or reduced.

13. You will be notified if your application was successful by Friday 25th March and invoiced for your stall.

13. All payment & requested documents should be received before the 10th April 2022.

Thanks for submitting your application,remember to email us your paperwork to wandinutfestival@yahoo.com.We'll get back to you shortly.